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Sauna Steam is a unique thermo- & aroma therapeutic treatment where the guests are on a journey through body and mind. A trained instructor will take you through the experience by using 100% natural oils which will be poured over the hot stones. Then, the instructor spreads the heat and the scents from the oil by swinging a towel.

Sauna Steam mist is a unique exhaustive, cleaning and relaxing treatment. It boosts the immune system, blood circulation and your well-being, reduces stress and boosts energy levels.

To achieve the best possible effect on your body and mind, this special treatment consists of both sauna mist and steam shower with natural oils of the finest quality. In addition, the treatment includes cold showers, body scrubs and mindfulness exercises for in depth relaxation.

Price: DKK 295,- per person

Sauna Steam sessions are on demand and availability only.

Contact us on phone (+45) 4422 8018 or spa@kokkedal-slot.dk

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