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The current restrictions and recommendations from the authorities are fully obtained at the Castle.

Hygiene & cleanliness is, as always, highly prioritized.

In addition, there are requirements for extensive hand hygiene & protective equipment for our employees, as well as hand sanitizer, signage and guidance for the castle’s guests based on the authorities’ recommendations.



From July 1st, 2021, all guests older than 15 years of age must be able to present an approved Corona pass upon arrival to access any of the Castle’s indoor serving areas, including the breakfast restaurant & in order to receive treatments in the spa. Guests who do not stay at the Castle, but only wish to be serviced at the terrace or outdoors, do not need to present Coronapas.

The following forms are approved corona passes:

  • From 14 days after 1st. vaccination
  • Negative PCR tests conducted within the last 96 hours
  • Negative antigen test within the last 72 hours
  • Previously infected with Covid-19. A positive test within the last 14-180 days

It is not a requirement that the corona pass must remain valid for the entire period of the stay.

The nearest quick test centre is Egedalshallen – Holmegårdsvej 3, 2980 Kokkedal
Open all days 08:00 – 20:00. No pre-booking is needed

For children under the age of 16, documentation may be displayed in the form of health cards or other publicly issued identification cards showing the name and age.

Corona passport requirements for indoor serving, apply until the government announces otherwise.


  • The last serving of drinks with alcohol is at 22:00. Other drinks can be purchased until 22:30 (From Friday June 11, 23:30)
  • Restaurants/bars close at 23:00. (From Friday June 11 we are open untill midnight)
  • Face mask must be worn when you are not seated (From Monday June 14, this is no longer required)
  • Space and distance requirements in restaurants are 2 m2 per seated guest with at least 1 meter between each company/table (Not applicable from July 1st.)
  • Space and distance requirements in bars are 4 m2 per standing guest with at minimum 1 meter between guest/party/table (Not applicable from July 1st.)


  • Conferences / meetings up to 1000 – devided into 2 sections of 500
  • 11 June:- 31 July: 100 people are allowed to meet
  • From Aug 1st: no assembly ban



There are still exceptions to the assembly ban, which allows more people to be brought together than the assembly ban.

  • Cf. §4 of the Executive Order prohibiting large gatherings,  meetings with more participants than the assembly ban are permitted if the meeting is a natural or necessary part of the execution of the work in question
  • You may meet across companies and geography if the above point is met
  • Teaching, exams, etc. where physical attendance is necessary and where there is an approval from a ministry, can also be carried out cf. §4 of the Executive Order prohibiting large gatherings

We are available for further questions or anything else we can help with on (+45) 4422 8000 or on booking@kokkedal-slot.dk.

We look forward to welcoming you safely at the Castle.


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