Invite family and friends to enjoy a savoury roast on Sundays.
From Januray, 12 we resume our popular Sunday Roast offer, reflecting English family traditions.

Enjoy a relaxing lunch or dinner in our romantic setting, combined with a stroll in the park or by the beach.
This soul-warming dining concept is also ideal for birthdays and other occasions.

DKK 225 per person
1/2 per person to the age of eleven

Dessert of the day: DKK 65 per person


Baked cod
With citrus herbs, gel of grilled lemon and a frozen cream with horseradish


Beef roast
Served with caramelized onion purée and watercress
À part served potato gratin with parmesan, salt-baked shallots, herb salad with vinaigrette and red wine sauce


Tatar of salted salmon
With crispy ryebread, dill mayonnaise and fennel


Glazed shank of veal
Served with parsley-lemon granulate and celeriac puree
À part served baked celeriac with apple, crusted potatoes, salad with hazelnut marinate and apple sauce


Salted hake  
With creamy celeriac and capers


Duroc pork loin
Fried with thyme and served with braised onions
À part served pommes rissolées, fried Jerusalem artichokes, cabbage with mushroom vinaigrette and mushroom a la crème