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Spa & Wellness
Access to pool area
DKK 250,- per person

The area offers an elegant pool, sauna, steam shower, cold shower and Dornbracht´s unique Sensory Sky shower.
Bathrobes, slippers and towels are available.
Access is for 2 hours and reservation is recommended
The spa area is reserved for people over the age of 15
Free admission when purchasing  treatments over 75 minutes

Forlle´d luxury facial
80 minutes DKK 1.195,-

Rejuvenating, regenerating and antioxidant effect on the skin which simultaneously gives a boost to the cellular metabolism and microcirculation. The treatment includes a mask, mixing different serums and extra facial massage.

Forlle´d anti aging treatment
50 minutes DKK 795,- 50 minutter DKK 795,-

This treatment has a rejuvenating and regenerating effect on the skin and gives the cellular metabolism and micro circulation a boost.

Forlle´d oxygen treatment
25 minutes DKK 495,-

A mini facial with oxygen mask which increases the metabolism, the micro circulation, stimulates cellular respiration, increases the synthesis of collagen, elastin smooths out wrinkles and prevent swellings.

Japanese lifting
50 minutes DKK 795,-

Treatment of the face muscles, which will be relaxed whilst wrinkles are soothed and lifted.

Additional treatments
DKK 395,-

Choose between 25 minutes hand or foot massage or eye treatment in connection with your 50 minutes treatment.

25 minutes DKK 495,-

Choose between hand or foot massage, eye treatment, scalp massage or hair mask.

50 minutes DKK 795,-

Via pressure on the feet a stabilised effect is achieved on tissues and organs throughout the body. This treatment increases your energy, relieves stress and tension and strengthens your immune system. Blood circulation increases, waste is excreted, and the body restores its natural balance.

A course of 3-5 treatments is recommended for optimal effect.

Body massage for couples
50 minutes DKK 1.590,-

The treatment is healing and relaxing and is applied with gentle rhythmic movements, that restore your body’s energy and strengthen your immune system.

At the start of the treatment you can choose between different oils.

Body massage
50 minutes DKK 795,-

The treatment is healing and relaxing and is applied with gentle rhythmic movements that restore the body´s energy and strengthen the immune system.

At the start of the treatment you can choose between different oils.

Sports massage
50 minutes DKK 895,-

In-depth massage.  Sports massage is for everyone and can be used both for treatment and prevention.

Yrolí luxury wellness treatment
105 minutes DKK 1.745,-

Relaxing treatment in 3 steps using natural, biological and organic products. For the stress-relieving body massage, light pressure is used to replenish the body’s energy and strengthen the immune system. Then a 100% natural, organic, full-body scrub using Dead Sea Salt that starts blood circulation, removes dead skin cells and leaves your skin silky smooth and revitalized.

Finishing with facial and scalp massage that rejuvenates, regenerates and at the same time boosts cellular metabolism and microcirculation.

Admission to the pool area for 2 hours is included, as is a tasty smoothie.

Tranquillity PRO-SLEEP massage
50 minutes DKK 795,- 80 minutes DKK 1.195,-

Afstressende kropsbehandling. Oplev den afstressende synergi mellem æteriske olier, ayurvedisk og indonesisk Sea Malay inspireret massagetag kombineret med brugen af bløde børster. Kan med fordel benyttes af personer der føler sig stressede, ude af stand til at slappe af og har udfordringer med at sove.

Relaxing full body massage. Experience the controversial synergy between essential oils, ayurvedic and Indonesian Sea Malay inspired massage combined with the use of soft brushes. Ideal for people who feel stressed, unable to relax and have trouble sleeping.

Salt Stone Treatment
50 minutes DKK 895,- 80 minutes DKK 1.295,-

Effective detox treatment for the body, skin and mind. Massage with the use of warm salt stones to loosen muscle tension, stimulate metabolism and improve blood circulation. Then comes body wrap with salt and oil.

The chemical process that takes place during the packing provides a complete cleansing equivalent to 3 days of detox diet. The treatment ends with the application of Body Strategist Cream, which helps to support fluid and waste excretion.

80 minutes DKK 1.295,-

Scrub (full body) of lava that initiates blood circulation, removes dead skin cells and leaves skin clean and soft. Choose between foot, hand or scalp massage followed by a relaxing massage using products from Comfort Zone.



Book an appointment with us on telephone (+45) 44 22 80 18 or email: spa@kokkedal-slot.dk
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